Tight Turnaround for St John’s

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As part of discussions with the St Johns Foundation in Bath regarding lift servicing arrangements, it
was discovered that the lift in John Wood House had been out of action for an extended period due
to certain parts on the passenger lift controller being obsolete.

With this being the only lift on the premises and as it had been out of action for many months, it was
imperative to the customer that the lift was reinstated within 4 weeks. Due to our long-term
relationship with suppliers, Classic Lifts could confirm deliveries and apply skilled labour resources to
ensure completion within this timeframe.

Classic Lifts attended site and surveyed the lift, completed the engineering design and forwarded a
proposal to St Johns Foundation within 48 hours which included for the full replacement of the
control panel and associated wiring, a new Car Operating Panel and Landing pushes, a new
emergency auto-dialler system plus necessary Health and Safety upgrades.

Following the tender submission and several client meetings we were awarded the project and to
date all parts have been delivered and work is in progress to the approved works programme.

New Lifts

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