Hospital Lifts

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Classic Lifts provide the ideal vertical transportation solution for any type of health & medical centre, nursing homes, clinic and hospital regardless of size.

We offer bed/passenger lifts with capacities ranging from 1000kg / 13 person to 2500kg / 33 person which and are designed for the safe vertical movement of patients, beds, medical equipment, medical staff and visitors.


Safety and reliability are important in all lift installations but in health and medical centres these become vital elements. Our bed lifts meet all requirements to the maximum, together with providing spacious, freedom of movement and hygienic easy to clean and maintain surfaces.

Classic Lifts has worked on a host of different hospital sites including:

  • Barnsley Hospital, South Yorkshire
  • Epsom General Hospital, London
  • St Hellier Hospital, London

Contact our team of experts to discuss your needs; we have the experience and product range to meet your requirements and ensure our solution is right for you.

New Lifts

Working in close harmony with carefully selected manufacturers, we can install lifts to suit all environments.


There are many reasons to modernise lifts: Safety, Reliability, Appearance and Performance, are just a few.


Our dedicated service engineers are experienced in the service and repair of all makes of lift equipment.


For more information on the design and features of our safe, eco-efficient and flexible product range.

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