New I.T. Strategic Upgrade

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Despite Covid 19 and the instant changes it brought with it, such as our C.E.O suddenly becoming the office junior opening mail, scanning invoices to colleagues, processing expenses and paying in cheques, Classic pushed on without hesitation and completed the implementation of its I.T. Strategic upgrade.

This started with a 32-page review produced by Jamie Benger of Central Technology highlighting the risk levels and cost to reduce the risk, you can never eliminate it.

This was invaluable and it was very timely as it included remote working and our VPN policy.

One part worthy of mention was the two factor authentication which has protected us from attempted cyberattacks a number of times already along with the upgraded Firewall.

With the final cost being in excess of £130k we look back with the satisfaction that we certainly did the right thing.

Many thanks to the C.T. team and in particular Jamie Benger and Matt Atkinson.

New Lifts

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