Sheffield University lift

University of Sheffield Student’s Union Case Study

Building: The University of Sheffield Students’ Union

Location: Western Bank, Sheffield City Centre

Point of contact: Jon Page of Balfour Beatty, Main Contractor

The brief: As part of a £16m refurbishment of the University’s Students’ Union, Balfour Beatty called on Classic Lifts help modernise the elevator systems in line with modernisation of the entire building. The £16m refurbishment meant significant improvements were planned to improve pedestrian access and landscaping and to bring all facilities together under one roof at the heart of the campus.

The Students’ Union, which employs over 900 people and offers nearly 50 sports clubs and more than 350 societies, is a major factor in attracting students to Sheffield. The redevelopment of the building aimed to keep it at the forefront of such facilities nationwide.

Build time: The project started in July 2012 and was completed by September 2013.

Considerations: The building was in use whilst the refurbishment was taking place so naturally Classic Lifts had to limit their disruption for the students. Additionally during the refurbishment and replacement of the older lifts, Classic Lifts found the area riddled with Asbestos and as a result had to ensure that the necessary precautions were taken, that the Asbestos was disposed of appropriately and the area left safe.

The Solution: As Classic Lifts has worked previously with both Balfour Beatty and University of Sheffield, we were thrilled to install and refurbish existing elevators to provide the building with six modern lifts.

The University needed to ensure not only that the lifts were modern, but that they were also accessible for everybody. Classic Lifts was able to provide the perfect solution by installing an external hydraulic platform ensuring disabled access to the building avoiding stairs.

Specification: Six lifts installed in total; four for internal passenger and goods use, one external hydraulic platform which enables disabled people to enter the refurbished building avoiding stairs, and one 1500kg Goodsmaster lift.

The result: Jon Page of Balfour Beatty, who was the main contractor for the project, said: “Having worked with Classic Lifts on many occasions before we’re always confident that they will provide the best solution when it comes to installing or refurbishing lifts in buildings we are working on. Especially on the University of Sheffield Students’ Union the project ran smoothly and the client was very happy with the outcome.”

Classic Lifts is currently working on another project with Balfour Beatty and University of Sheffield as part of a £50m investment. The new project, which is due to for completion in spring 2015, will bring a brand new engineering hub to The University of Sheffield.

The new six-storey building is on the University’s Jessop East site. It will house lecture theatres, laboratories and other learning facilities.