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Lift Maintenance Programmes to help keep your lift running smoothly

Most of the issues associated with lift downtime can be avoided with a regular check-up and servicing programme. Lift maintenance may well not be high on your priority list, but a proper programme of maintenance will not only ensure safety of all lift-users, decrease the chance of any downtime and associated complaints but also decrease repair costs over time and increase the overall service life. All of which can be achieved with a relatively inexpensive maintenance programme from a trusted provider.

Here at Classic Lifts we believe that that each client is individual and their required needs can vary; that’s why all our maintenance programmes packages are bespoke to you and your needs following a detailed discussion of your requirements.

We want to provide the most suitable and economical solution for the service requirement of your lift equipment, ensuring continued reliability with a minimum disruption to the daily operation of your organisation.

Our dedicated service engineers are experienced in the service and repair of all makes of lift equipment and our vast network of industry suppliers ensures that we have both the experience and equipment to efficiently maintain and quickly repair any type of equipment keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

A pre-agreed schedule of maintenance visits will include regular servicing and thorough safety inspections. Every service is recorded to our systems and all statutory paperwork undertaken on site as soon as the job is complete, helping to meet your legal, contractual and in-house and compliance obligations.

Our standard contracts are divided into three service levels, each of which can be tailored to suit your individual requirements, a fourth level provides a totally bespoke contract for very specific services.

Not sure which service is right for you? Don’t worry contact your local office to arrange for your free on-site consultation.