Linsey Connor

A Classic ‘Spotlight’ for December

Linsey Connor is Classic Lifts Key Account and Quality Director.

“Prior to working within the Lift Industry I was a police detective in the Metropolitan Police for 12 years, which was a very diverse role and completely different to the one I have now. I have been at Classic Lifts for 4 months, however I have worked in partnership with them whilst being part of another lift company for the past 4 years. I live in South East London with my partner and 1 year old son.”


1. What does your typical day at Classic Lifts involve?

My working day is split into many different roles. These include dealing with issues that require my immediate attention that may come from key clients or are part of day to day operations. Planning, implementing tasks, procedures and strategies for the future – part of this includes reviewing what was implemented previously to see whether it was successful or not, and if not, how it needs to be changed, to ensure that we are continuously improving. My role centres on the peripheral of lifts such as clients, systems and processes and if any of them are either unhappy or not running smoothly then it makes it very difficult to provide a great lift service


2. What’s your favourite way to spend time out of work?

I have a very busy family life which is great and we spend a lot of time outdoors. With a baby and a full time job I don’t get any time to myself!


3. What’s your favourite lift in the world and why?

The AquaDom in Berlin – it’s a 25m tall cylindrical acrylic glass aquarium with a built in transparent elevator inside it. I have seen this lift and it looks fabulous and is very creative but I’m not sure I’d want to get the call about cleaning the fish out – an engineering feat in itself!


4. Tell us something we didn’t know about lifts…

Myth: Pushing the call button will make the lift come faster.

Truth: Once the call button is pressed, the call is registered by the lift controller, pressing it again and again does nothing.